Summary of Array algorithms questions (easy)

Recently I spent few hours on going through algorithm questions in leetcode. I haven’t touched the algorithm question for 2 years but I think it’s a good time to review those questions in a better way.

From my experience,  the thinking strategy of solving similar problems is limited. Those strategies cannot help you solve all problems relevant to Array but it may be a good beginning of analyzing those algorithm tricks.

The core is the math

  1. Hash Table
  2. shifting the array from beginning to the end or with odd & even order
  3. use *-1 as a mark
  4. two indexes, two-way or one-way moving,  or 1 , n-1
  5. convert the index into other marks e.g. content vice versa
  6. if it’s matrix, sum the columns and rows
  7. switch i and i+1  bubble sort
  8. use mid number  quicksort

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